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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 1, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller in for katie marzullo. we will start with a quick first look at the accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen on the roof. is it raining out there, lisa? >> it is. i don't know why i'm trying to be so cool and not have the imup. it is lithe rain at the moment. the winds are also an issue. heaviest activity is south of the bay area where we are looking at some pretty heavy rain down by salinas and the central coast. take a look at north of davenport. it's coming down at a pretty good clip. there's a possibility of thunderstorms, very high seas, and there has been a tornado spotted in parts of southeastern california. active morning here around the
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bay. palo alto looking at light showers. you see the san ramon valley is wet and heavier showers toward 101 south of petaluma and novato. definitely slick roadways out there. as we go through the morning, the activity mainly south of san francisco. it will continue to push further to the south and we will look for a few sunny breaks in afternoon but there is another system on the way to keep the second half of your weekend a little damp. details on this in a few minutes. >> thanks, lisa. a massive treetop he would over in marin county yesterday. came crashing down and blocked mountain view avenue. until a crew got out the chainsaw and cleared it away. the tree fell from the yard of a homeowner. he said he's glad it fell away from his home. >> i was sitting here and started hearing branch and that's always a bad sign. then i heard more and big
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branches and then there was a rooom! >> crews estimate it was about 200 feet tall. the storm brought very welcome news, as well. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard as the details. >> rain-slicked streets greeted drivers. it's nothing compared to this. an astounding amount of water is flowing down this spill way into alpine lake from the dam, which is now completely full. last month marin's water supply was look downright desperate. >> the water situation we are in now is a lot better than it was a month ago. we had 20 inches of rain in the month of february. our average for february is 9. >> she said that's not a record, but it's the most rain marin has
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seen over one month in 20 years. >> it's amazing. >> john and his son came up from fairfax to check out the residents plants scores spilling over. >> what do you think about all the water up there? >> i think it's quite amazing, considering that all the lakes have been so dry lately. >> he's not kidding. this was a reservoir vast september looking for like a desert. since then the water supply has gone from 40% to 70% of normal. >> does it mean the drought situation is over here in marin, at least? >> we are still asking our customers to voluntarily cut back their water use by 25%. >> water officials will reassess their needs in april, but for now they are thankful for a brand new supply. in marin county, abc7 news. the rain wreaked havoc on the commute last night. this is how the 17 in santa cruz mountains where drivers dealt with slick roads.
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the white ford focus sd the road and rolled over. this bmw lost control and slammed into the guardrail. chp had to shut down some lanes while they moved this car often the highway. >> fishermen braced for 15 to 20-foot waves along the coast from pacifica, the that's where strong rip currents and sneaker waves could sweep people and pets out to see. the fishermen said it's had an impact on their catch. >> the surf, being what it is right now, not catching any crops in the front. that's why all of them are all the way out there. >> in santa cruz, the waves broke through part of this home's foundation, creating a blow hole in the driveway. this storm is dumping snow in the sierra. here's how it looked on interstate 80 last night. chains are required on all vehicles except four-wheel drives. you will need chains if you are
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headed up to tahoe on highway 50. you see the heavy snow coming down on 50 at twin bridges. track the rain in the bay area using live doppler 7hd and our weather app. you can download it on our website >> in southern california rivers of mud have caused mandatory evacuation of 1200 homes near the san gabrielle mountains. area is recovering from a recent wildfire and with no vegetation to hold back the soil, as much as heavy rain, as much as 8 inches yesterday, is carrying a lost degree bring down the it hill. >> a 34-year-old man was struck by lightning in fresno county. he was looking for work on an oil derek. he was found unresponsive. the man had injuries consistent with being hit by lightening, including having exit wounds on his feet >> developing news out of san rafael one person is injured following a shooting at a restaurant. happened after 1:30 this
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morning. it was on b street. a man wearing a dark hooded sweat shoot walked into the restaurant and shot another man several times. the victim was taken to the hospital. no word yet on their condition. the suspect did get away >> developing news out of oakland this morning. a car slammed into a house. happened at a home on cooledge. a car also took out the utility pole and a gas line. >> our initial reracks was to evacuate the initial structure and the two adjacent structures as well and create an isolation zone until we can get the gas and the electrical secured. >> as soon as i opened the inside door to the garage i heard the gas and the car running and that's when i actually got pretty pan icky and okay everybody up and got the dogs out of the hurricanes at least in the backyard.
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>> the people who lived at the home were not injured. the driver who did hit the car, got away. >> thieves made off with $400,000 of jewels in san carlos. happened on walnut street just before 6:00 last night. victim was in town for a jewel show. four men robbed him of the jewels and got away in an s.u.v.. the man was not hurt. >> a man is suspected of murdering a 16-year-old fairfield girl. the men were booked on murder and conspiracy charges. two already in custody on separate drugs and weapons charges. naomi rojas was found shot to death february 15th behind her home. they believe she was not the target of the shooters. four men are in jail this morning on weapons charges related to thursday's shooting on 580 castro valley. at least seven shots were fired at this black s.u.v. traveling
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southbound. they shut down a portion of 580 looking for clues, causing a massive traffic jam. when the suspects were arrested, the officers found a lot of stolen weapons. road rage is the apparent cuss of the shooting. there won'ting testing this may at milbrae high school. they got in trouble last year the way they administered the a. p. exams. the school had to toss out testing results because the students faced each other while taking the exam. that's a vital of testing rules. and those crossing the bridge will pay more. crows with fast track will pay 6:00 and those without 7:00. the bridge district is trying to cover 142-month-old budget deficit. coming up next, lisa argen will have your accuweather forecast. >> yeah.
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hi, matt. it is a little wet out here. we are lacking at breezy winds and still showers in your weekend forecast. 54 trees in san francisco. this is a view from our sutro tower. and plenty of showers south of the city. i'll detail your forecast when we return. >> also next, a wild weather ride on the red carpet in l.a. as crews try to get ready for tomorrow night's oscars. imagine a car that gets 1,000 miles a gallon. that's the goal of some bay area students who plan to test their invention in a cros we love this! what's next? great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price.
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[man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams] give him the tour.heer]is k! let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! um... where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. >> a live look at the bay bridge. things are looking a little wet
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outside this morning. let's give you a look at when you can expect more rain coming through. looks like the south bay is about to get hit or is getting hit right now from some more intense rain this morning. lisa argen will have your accuweather forecast coming up in just a bit. s. it's official, governor jerry brown has launched his campaign for re-election. he arrived at the courthouse yesterday to file his papers with the registrar of voters. he's seeking his fourth term of governor. he's already the longest serving governor of california. he held it from 197530 '83 does was elected to the state's top post again in 2010. he is 75 years old, loves his job and says he can't imagine doing anything else. >> facebook is willing to pay menlo park $70,000 to hire an officer for the position. it will be $200,000 a year. the ovationer would work with
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the local schools and work with large businesses to improve their security. city council is set to take up the issue on tuesday. apple wants to change the way we drive. the cupertino based company will put their first in-house operating systems in some nice vehicles, mercedes-benz, volvo and ferrari. they hope it will allow them to get the race up in the race that dominates tomorrow's smart cars. >> gases are on the price again. it's all about miles per gallon. but what if you could go hundreds, even thousands of miles on a gallon of gas. we found out. berkeley students are building a car they hope will do just that. >> in just 8 weeks this rough, aluminum frame will turn into one of these. while some cars get 30, even 40 miles per gallon. >> we are aiming for maybe a
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thousands or the high range. >> they are competing in the shell ecomarathon held here year in texas. a race that's not about speed, but endurance. >> we have an hour to do as many laps as we can. >> 5.8 on the nose. >> race organizers shot this video that shows how they do it. speeding up to 20, 30 miles an hour and cutting off the everything to coast as long as possible before they fire it up again. now that's not a v-8 or even a v4. >> only a one cylinder motor. >> plucked out of a lawnmower. the heart that beats inside a weight less body. sheets of carbon fiber. the same material used on the high-tech yacht that won the america's light. >> also very light. >> every ounce matters. i can imagine we aren't dealing with a luxury vehicle. the driver, that hour around the race truck is likely to be excruciating uncomfortable. >> i will be sitting here for about an hour, the time i'm
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driving the vehicle and my controls are like here. >> controls to steer what looks like a tiny bicycle year. >> for speeds. >> they will spend days testing different tires and learning from their mistakes. >> can you account for the roads here? the gap here. >> a different type of learning than not the classroom. >> a lot of testing involved and everything chance go as perfectly -- can't go as perfectly as you can find in a book. >> but ready or not, the race begins on the 25th. abc7 news. in case you haven't heard the oscars are tomorrow on abc7. they are a little worried about the weather but it's all about the excitement of hollywood's biggest night. katie is in l.a. covering the academy awards for us all weekend. >> it's mother nature versus oscar in l.a. only a thin layer of plastic protects the red carpet from the rain. and in the heaviest downpours, they race to keep water pooling
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on the tent in case they are wearing a golden rain coat: there are nine films nominated for best picture, including "captain tips," her, anybody, and the wolf of wall street. >> i would give the edge to "twelve years a slave" but you can't look past" gravity" bus it's so incredibly popular. >> ellen degeneres is returning as host for the second time. >> a lot of people will be asking me what i will en wearing. question is what will i not be wearing, right? >> she's always funny but she doesn't take cheap shots at actors. >> and the producers are promising surprises. >> maybe even dancing, who knows. >> you are looking at more than 1300 bottles of champagne. on the red carpet at the oscar,
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katie marzullo, abc7 news. katie will join us live from l.a. at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. a.m. she's also tweeting oscars updates. abc7 is the only place you can see the oscars tomorrow. coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. visit and click on count down to oscar sunday. there is a ballot so you can choose the winners. oscars 7 is tomorrow here on abc7. how is the weather looking for the oscars in l.a., lisa? >> looking pretty good. maybe some showers in the morning, matt, and then sunny breaks, as well. that's our forecast today. and we're looking at heavy rain along the central coast from san jose on south. live doppler 7hd shows the yellow, which indicates the heavier rain along the coast, and south of half moon bay and san jose getting hit right now.
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we go in closer. notice all the yellows and some of the reds there. possibility of this thunderstorms here and lightning. do be careful around davenport, santa cruz. this is very wet weather. over into san jose and milpitas, the rain gets lighter. up over the hills into union city and fremont. 680 and 880 light rain. and richmond. up to marin county you are looking at heavier cells from 101 in petaluma down to novato. san rafael light rain. emeryville looking at the cloudy skies, breezy winds. winds up to 25 miles an hour. and temperatures in the low to mid-50s around the bay. sutro, a gray start and a breezy start with light rain in the city. 54 in san rafael with livermore coming in at 56. here's a look at what you can expect today. the area of low pressure sits about 140 miles west of big sur. so the low continues to sink to the south and east.
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as it does, we will look for the high surf advisory from san francisco along the central coast and a light risk of thunderstorms, urban flooding, rock and mudslides and the possibility of wind damage. overall the emphasis in southern california and pushing its way through the central coast this morning. so the highlights, morning showers and sunny breaks heavier rain south of san francisco. chance of showers returns tomorrow and more rain in the forecast next week. let's take you through the rest of the day. 7:00 notice heavier cells around the coastline here. but lighter rain. by noontime we are just talking light, scattered showers, sunny breaks. but by 6:00 still we are looking at more clear sky than rain shower activity. but as we go into the second half of your day tomorrow and sunday, could see a few showers. another system getting awfully close, bringing light shower activity perhaps through the afternoon as well. so we are not done with the rain. rainfall, addition until
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rainfall anywhere from a tenth to .02 perhaps. we are worried about this area, a flash flood is in effect until 10:00. this is a burn area. you know heavy rain goes down on the mud we are looking at the possibility of some flash flooding. talk about the high surf advisory. perhaps 20 feet around monterey bay and anywhere from 15 to 18-foot swells. be careful out there. 64 in the city, 67 fremont. look at the shower activity mainly in the morning and heaviest still along the central coast. then it lightens up from north to south. slight chance of showers tomorrow. and notice the mostly cloudy skies monday. more sunshine tuesday. another chance of rain comes our way wednesday and thursday. but all these chances really focusing in on the north bay and they will be very, very light. but despite all of our rain, we are still anywhere from 7 to 16 below average. you know, san francisco broke a record yesterday for the wettest day ever with .68 inches of rain.
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the old record was .66. so definitely some good news out there and you can always follow us on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions. it's pretty nice out here right now. breezy, light shower activity, and we will look for the heaviest activity south of the city. so be careful out there. matt. >> next, an undying love. the promise this manmade to his young bride after learning he only had six months to live.
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>> good morning. here's a live look from the emer, if you have any great weather pics or video, send it us to to the ureport at if you or your family head to the movies this weekend you might witness a pilgrimage about a movie called "son of god." they believe the faithful will help their gamble pay off. steers news reporter steve. >> hollywood for the faithful. it's the film churches across the country are sending families to see, running out entire theaters. more than half a million tickets are already sold for "son of god." >> get up and walk. >> this version of the greatest story ever told comes exactly ten years after the release of the much more graphic "passion of the christ." both films embraced by christians, and "son of god" centers more around the idea of god's love than his suffering.
5:25 am
the pastor told me this is a smiling jesus. >> when you start trying to portray that on film, i can't even imagine how complex and complicated that is. >> provided by actress roma and her husband, mark burnett, they said they stuck close to scripture. the elaborate film shot in morocco. >> i grew up as a christian and i think of jesus as someone who next to us and really close. >> the story never gets tired from jesus of nazareth. >> as long as i am in the world i am the light. >> to the recent hit "the bible." which an estimated 100,000 people watched. the is a tannic figure thought too closely resembled president obama was cut from the film. the producers say their message is love. >> a california sixth grader is sky high after a ride from a
5:26 am
major aircraft carrier. it has been selected as the official uniforms for the pilots this year. he beat out lots of other entrants. and but she doesn't to be a designer or pilot. instead she dreams of being an olympic volleyball player. the story of a british man with terminal cans who are dedicated his last months to make his girlfriend's dreams come true is going viral. doctors gave the 26-year-old six months to live. right away he proposed to the love of his life, 29-year-old kerry johnson. the pair quickly wed and price went to work granting his bride's wishes. he took her and her four children to disneyland paris and whisked her off to new york for shopping. they booked another trip but they ran out of time. he died in his wife's arms and
5:27 am
the funeral was in the same church where they loved. he told the bbb, if his love could have saved him, he would have lived together. he said he lived completely in the moment and taught me to do the same. >> next, our storm watch continues in the santa cruz mountains where residents have been dealing with flooding, fallen trees and some minor slides. and despite all of the recent rain, what people in one bay city will have to do because of the drought.
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totino's pizza rolls gets you there in just 60 seconds. one of the besis that millia is that millions of people will qualify for financial assistance. it's important to remember that the lower your annual income, the greater financial assistance you will receive. enroll today at >> we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. we are seeing rain at the bay
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area right now, lisa? >> that's right. pretty heavy rain along the coast, the san mateo coast and downpours throughout the area. i'm going to get hit pretty hard here in a couple minutes. some light rain in the city. look at the yellows offshore. we have them all the way down toward half moon bay, and ready to move on in, also around sanford and davenport and lighter rain to the east in the san ramon valley and hayward. up in the north bay looking at petaluma for heavy showers but lighter rain into southern marin. here's the heaviest rain through now until about 9:00. then the pockets continue to sink south. we will see sunny breaks and the bulk of the day will be dry. fur an early riser and you are living south of san francisco in the south bay along the central coast, watch out for gusty winds, the possibility of some
5:31 am
thunderstorms. maybe even a rockslide. but the system continues to press to the south and east. we will look for dryer skies throughout the day today but not a dryer weekend. still looking at rain showers tomorrow. and we will have the full forecast. the accuweather seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. matt. >> thank you, lisa. we've seen wild weather but people living in yolo county dealt with a tornado warning that almost turned reality. a viewer caught this picture around 6:30 yesterday averaging south of woodland. it was about halfway to the ground from its base, triggering a tornado warning for the area. the tornado warning expired around 7:00. there were no reports of the funnel of reaching the ground. the wet weather has been a welcome sight in the north bay. check this out. an astounding amount of water. there was a lot of water falling down a spill way in alpine lake from the dam wishes is now completely full. the rain is a relief for city officials who say they were desperate for some water.
5:32 am
>> the water situation we are in right any is a lot better than it was just a month ago. we had 20 inches of rain in the month of february. our average for february is 9. >> water officials say despite the rainfall, they are still asking customers to reduce their water usage by 25%. the wet weather caused several trees to come down in the east bay. in danville this tree blocked the road up to the eugene o'neal national historic park sight yesterday. one of the morning tours was cancelled since the road was unpassable. and another tree took out power for several residents up the hill. >> took two hours. they finally got out there. and i don't blame them. it was pouring down rain. there was no way i would expect them to be here sooner. >> and a roof collapsed at a plastic bag factory. most of the water was not from the rain but from a busted fire sprinkler systems. >> and the mountains were
5:33 am
whipped by strong wind gusts and heavy rain. residents are dealing with runoffs, flooding, mud and slides. >> storms bring the unexpected such as a treetopling over and landing in the middle of a road. crews had to cut up the ball pine so traffic could use the road near the coastal town of davenport. >> i think the crews got out there and cleared the trees quickly. i didn't hear about that many power outages. very small areas. nothing major. we didn't get the winds that were forecast either yet. >> however, pg&e crews fanned out to fan out if the winds did rip down lines. it also created demand for sandbags. there was a welcome road just as there was a flooding problem at this home in boulder creek. >> my garage is a little bit flooded or a fair amount flooded. yeah, i try to keep it from really taking over. >> you know this kind of rain was due sooner or later. >>, it's great.
5:34 am
don't get me wrong. it's absolutely great. >> and as forecast, the mountains experienced strong wind gusts. >> i was up near bonnie do you know and it was waling at the hill and lovely and fun and exciting. >> tree crews are busy trying to prevent tree limbs from snagging other till it i lines. it kept him busy all day. >> good for business. we need the rain. whenever it rains, there will be more fallovers so we will probably get a few more down. >> the rain added three or four inches of rain. however, three inches is only enough water to satisfy the drinking water needs of the stiff santa cruz for one day. in scotts valley, david louie, abc7 news. >> the storm that dumped rain in the bay area has been a welcome sight in the higher elevations but the rain brought dangerous conditions along interstate 830. at one point a pickup truck pulling a trailer lost control and clipped a big rig. the driver of the pickup was the only one in the vehicle.
5:35 am
he was taken to the hospital. despite the slick conditions some say they are glad for the storm which dumped heavy snow at times. >> 50% more precipitation than we are getting but we will take what we can get. >> we need the snow, and lord knows we need the snow. >> a thursday snow survey showed dismal numbers with the sierra still at about a quarter of its normal snow back. this week's rain still isn't enough to end the drought. this is sky video of phoenix lake reservoir in marin county. officials say reservoirs there are at 70% of capacity. it's usually around 88% this time of year. they will re-evaluate in april, but officials say because of the rain it's unlikely they will require mandatory rationing. meanwhile the public utilities commission has ordered water companies to ask their customers to value fairly reduce water by 20%. and the weather service announce wed have now moved from the worst drought in california history to the second worst. in calistoga, mandatory water restrictions begin today. homeowners with odd-numbered
5:36 am
addresses will only be allowed to water their yards on tuesdays and thursdays. and those with even-number address will be restricted to monday and wednesday. residents are also being told to run appliances only when full. and hosing down patios, driveways and roads will be prohibited. violators will face fines starting at $1,000. they hope it will reduce water consumption by 20%. the storm we got is also causing big problems in southern california. several communities have been evacuated due to the threat of flooding and mudslides. in glen dora, some degree by broke through barriers but so far no serious damage has been reported. a man and two dogs had to be rescued after they got stuck in a tree in the middle of the los angeles river yesterday. crews used ropes and a raft to pull them from the water. all three made it safely back to land. still ahead on the 7:00 saturday morning news, the oscars are a day away.
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and jimmy kimmel is peeping his tradition going with the post oscar special. and the oscars are only on abc7 and this year you can watch them live on your smartphone or tablet with the "watch abc" app. we will give you exclusive access to behind the scenes moment. go to and here's a live look from our exploratorium camera. wet out there this morning. looks like we have a wet weekend ahead. lisa argen will have your forecast in just a few minutes. amazing! i've been claritin clear for 6 days. at the first sign of my allergies, my doctor recommended taking one claritin every day of my allergy season for continuous relief. 21 days of relief from itchy, watery eyes. 28 days of continuous relief from sneezing and runny nose, since i've been taking claritin every day of my allergy season. 28 days of continuous relief from sneezing and runny nose, get the #1 doctor recommended
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5:40 am
the abc7 broadcast roof. you can see it's wet outside this morning. we have rain on the coast. heavy rain at times. be careful out there this morning. two more people have come down with measles. both are relate today a u.c. berkeley student who exposed thousand toss the disease last month. the infected student was barred from downtown berkeley station between february 4th and 7th. health officials suggest you should watch for measles symptoms this weekend. if you think you might have been exposed on bart, the student and his relatives did not receive the measles vaccine before they got sick. today ground break willing begin for the new mission dolores park in san francisco. it will threw clue a renovation and construction of new bathrooms, a multi use court and two dog off leash play areas. it is expect today reopen in the spring of the next year. today's groundbreaking begins at
5:41 am
10:00. what is it going to be like for those people for the groundbreaking ceremony? lisa argen will hit us know. >> hi, matt. the rain is beginning to pick up out here. i have to go get my umbrella. it's moderate to heavy along the coast. the san mateo county coast, we have heavy rain. here's a look at the bridge, light to moderate rain. we are not out of it yet. there will be sunny breaks, i'll tell you when, but don't put away the umbrella. the forecast coming up. >> and seth curry did not go for 50 points against the knicks again, but it's else he did that led to a blowout. larry beil has the highlights coming up in sports.
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♪ [ male announcer ] spring is calling. get sta-green fertilizer now just $8 at lowe's. ♪ is. >> good morning. it's wet out there.
5:44 am
heavy rain is coming from the coast and going inland right now. lisa argen will have the forecast coming up. >> abc7 is the only place you can see the oscars live. we are giving away movie pictures for a year to celebrate at award. there will be 7 winners in all. today's winner is annie f from concord. you still have two more chances to win. all you have to do to enter is like us at fill out the entry form so we know how to get in touch with you if you win. jimmy kimmel is keeping his oscars tradition going. he's hosting his ninth post oscar ceremony special. he's recruited an all-star roster. here is the preview. >> meryl streep and tom hanks and ellen and kevin, and it's a pretty good list. >> several years of memorable oscar shows and guests and even
5:45 am
more memorable screeches, jimmy kimmel said he now gets a lot more yeses to his request to be on the oscar special than he did in those early years. >> tom hanks, the best reviews of my career were for this toddlers parody we did. and am soul jackson, we had him last year and we kind of begged him to dot movie bit with this, and this year ears like, hey, do you want sam? we said yes. we try not to bother them by asking year after year but if they offer themselves we will take them up on it. >> hi intentions are pure. he similarly loves movies. >> snow question about it. movies are the greatest thing there are. i mean, you go and see like "gravity" and sandra bullock is floating around in her underpants, how do you beat that? >> how many of the best picture nominees have you seen? >> i think i've seen all of them
5:46 am
except for philomena. maybe you looked at the cast and said that's probably good. >> in los angeles, abc7 news. >> tomorrow is oscar sunday on abc7. our coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. with on the red carpet at the oscars and at 3:00 it's live. you can see what everyone is wearing as they arrive. the 886th annual oscars begins at 35:30 followed by another edition of live at the oscars. and "jimmy kimmel live" followed by abc7 news at 11:00. the national park service asking visitors going to the national seashore to avoid disrupting the seals. seal pupping against today. it's through the end of june. officials want to protect the harbor seals during the most sensitive time of year for them. closer aemploys to kayak and
5:47 am
canoe users and windsurfers, baggers and fishermen who may be near the harbor seal colonies. visitors are asked to stay at least 100 yards away from resting seals. it doesn't sound like a real beach day out there today. we join lisa argen out there on the roof. it's raining out there for you and it looks like it's raining real hard on the coast right now, as well. >> yes, absolutely. in fact, some red cells offshore that could indicate a thunderstorm. we've seen a few funnel spots and it's all because this area of low pressure is sink to go the south and east of the bay area. eventually taking all of the rain with it. but right now we are still wet here. in fact all around the bay area. in fact, live doppler 7hd shows the yellow from the north bay to the south bay and on the coast. but certainly your eye goes down toward monterey and half moon bay, davenport where we are looking at moderate rain. winds gusting to over 25 miles an hour. the santa cruz mountain heavier rain. but the rain gets a little
5:48 am
lightner san jose. still, thank goodness you are seeing more rain. santa clara, it's wet, as well as allen rock and evergreen. the lightest rain is here over into hayward and dublin this morning with just a few sprinkles. as you get up toward 80, oakland, berkeley, almeda, it's light to moderate rains. san francisco, up through mill valley and salinas and further north we still have light to moderate rain around napa and south of st. helena over toward vacaville. from our emeryville camera, it's cloudy and cool and breezy. temperatures in the low to mid-50s. not much variation. from our sutro tower camera, one spot relatively speaking. livermore 66 and 65 san rafael. the wet weather, the heaviest rain is right now in the morning hours as the area of low pressure continues to sink to the south. it's about 100 miles west of big sur. so we still have the risk mainly south of here for some rock and
5:49 am
mudslides and the possibility of wind damage. we have had several inches of rain along the coast. it's not going to take much for the possibility of some tree limbs and a few power outages. but for the bay area we are getting toward the tail end of it. but still very wet roadways. you can see them here. morning showers. some of them moderate to heavy with sunny breaks in the afternoon. chance of showers tomorrow again. then we are looking for more chances of rain mainly in the north bay for the upcoming work week. 7:00 there is still light rain vallejo to san jose. a few sunny breaks and we will look for the possibility of still a few isolated showers throughout the day, becoming more widespread. as we go into tomorrow, by 11:00 there's another system that will get close and that will bring the risk of a few showers throughout the afternoon. with that, we will look for the best chance of mudslides and the flooding to be south of us.
5:50 am
this is around the national forest. another advisory to pass on. a high surf advisory until 3:00 this afternoon from the san mateo county coast through the central coast. scattered rain showers mainly in the morning but we are all anticipating this, and mainly rain showers early and partly cloudy with 60 down in los angeles. the accuweather seven-day forecast. so today mainly morning rain but it is heavy out there, especially south of the city. slight chance development mostly cloudy monday, tuesday. another chance of rain in the north bay. wednesday, thursday should be a slight chance. notice the temperature, pretty mild out there. we are now looking at the third driest season on record. we are no longer the first. the past rain has helped us, like you said before. >> glad to be moving down that list. all right, thank you, lisa. in sports in morning, the stanford football team with will hold third first open spring
5:51 am
practice. they will be at the practice field with a controlled scrimmage. last night the warriors were at the madison square garden to play the knicks. here's abc7 news sports director larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. when steph curry visited madisn square garden a year ago he lit up the next 54 points. that game made a statement throughout the league. that night the warriors were back in the world's most famous arena against a horrid knicks squad. it was steph against carmelo anthony. let's start with steph, the distributor. and happening with andrew bogut. thunder from down under. in transition to steph. went for triple-double. 20 points, 11 assists, 11 boards. a healthy jermaine o'neal. the huge jam with two hands. andrew. they are there hacking each other. when a sweet reverse. warriors 73 points at the half.
5:52 am
klay thompson with the miss. david lee, push-off and dunk. thank you. used to play for the knicks. warriors with some defense of their own. look at klay thompson harassing carmelo anthony. reward the man who plays d. thompson! warriors roll 126-1 1103. after winning in philadelphia the sharks shuffled off to buffalo to face the last place sabres. they just traded their goalie to st. louis. they were short-handed. had to suit up a scout. he didn't play. they didn't need him. first period the buffalo power play. he shoots and scores on antti niemi. sharks answer in the second period. it is james sheppard in front to tie it at one a piece. right between the legs of jonas enroth. brian flynn, shot off the face-off. caught niemi. 2-1 sabres. then tyler myers into the slot
5:53 am
here. matt moulson, there's the defense? back end of a back-to-back, i guess. but the sharks lose, 4-2. if you leave in conspiracies, and i do, then it looks like something fishy went down as mets third baseman david wright rallied in the we hours of the morning to defeat oakland's own in the twitter contest. the second baseman was in front until the final 15 seconds of voting, leading some of us to believe mlb did not let a relative unknown beat out a star play who are does his work in new york. it took 24,000 vote swing in the last 30 minutes of vote to go give wright the narrow win. if there were hanging chads on twitter, we would be look at them right now and we would find the evidence but there is not and we're not. the a's play the giants in the cactus lead. overcame to of the deficit to win 7-6. the rest of the giants, they played the brewers.
5:54 am
madison bumgarner will be the opening day starter for the giants. and ryan vogelsong, his first action of the spring. scooter, and rookie mark. and back to buster posey for the taking. he is a great story. 31 years old. came back from wrist surgery and back surgery, trying to make the team. he hits a home run. giants defeat the brew crew by a score of 4-3. that is a wrap on morning sports. you have a great weekend, everybody! i'm larry beil. next, how a high school football player got a houston texans cheerleader to agree to be his date for senior prom.
5:55 am
lo! what's next? great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price.
5:56 am
is kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! um... where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. >> nobody picked all six. tuesday night's jackpot grows now to $240 million.
5:57 am
>> a mini high school football players take cheer leadtories the prom. but this is a little different. mike will have a houston texans cheerleader on his arm at the senior dance. he sent a tweet to kaitlin best and asked if she would be his date if he got enough retweets? he then tweeted 10,000 retweets i'll be taking a texan cheer leader to prop. retweet, retweet, retweet. he not only got the 10,000, he got them quickly. >> i figured he would. i just didn't realize it would be 24 hours. >> i got her to go to prom with me. hopefully i can get me a good-looking texan's color tuxedo and bow tie. >> it's about two months away so he should have enough time to get everything he needs. >> next on saturday morning news at 6, we continue tracking the storm. here's the current condition on live doppler 7hd. you see a lot of rain in the bay area. will it be a weekend washout?
5:58 am
lisa argen will have the accuweather forecast. and along with the rain the storm is creating stopping waves. the unusual damage done to
5:59 am
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